You Can Help

You can help Williams Bible Links™ continue to be available into the future.

I am mortal and at some point will be unavailable to continue providing the current website.

There will be others who have the technical ability to provide these Bible cross references to the Christian community worldwide. But they will need the content of this site to do so.

That is where you come in. If you find this site valuable, you can help ensure the survivability of these Bible links by downloading and saving the zipped archive of the version you use when each new edition comes out. That way there will be a pool of saved content available from which to build successor sites.

For those of you using the translation services to languages other than English, I ask you also to contribute by downloading the zipped English archives. The successor sites will likely be able to continue translation services.

I hope to see this Bible links structure eventually being applied to native-tongue translations, including missionary-translated languages. In many smaller language groups, without the wealth of available Bible helps we take for granted, these Bible links will be a useful resource.

Please help by downloading and saving new zip editions.

Rodger Williams

Public Domain