Williams Bible Links™ contains Bible cross references from a range of public domain sources, and combines them into an easy to use format.

When you look up a Bible verse, you see the complete text of each cross reference for that verse. This enables immediate comparison between linked verses and easy navigation to related verses.

Most people prefer the abridged version. Additional links are available in the unabridged version.

The site is being used in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Some scenarios for use:

Individual Bible study: Look up verses which seem particularly interesting or puzzling.

Group Bible studies: Assign specific verses to two- or three-people subgroups for lookups, then come back together for summaries to the larger group. This interaction could be done online as well as in person.

Pastors, Bible college or seminary professors, and other Bible teachers: Use while preparing sermons, lectures and presentations. Present the site's Bible verses combined with their supporting cross references, as a tool to do follow-up self study.

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