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Zechariah 3

Zechariah 3:1  
And he let me see Joshua, the high priest, in his place before the angel of the Lord, and the Satan at his right hand ready to take up a cause against him.

Zechariah 3:2  
And the Lord said to the Satan, May the Lord's word be sharp against you, O Satan, the word of the Lord who has taken Jerusalem for himself: is this not a burning branch pulled out of the fire?

Zechariah 3:3  
Now Joshua was clothed in unclean robes, and he was in his place before the angel.

Zechariah 3:4  
And he made answer and said to those who were there before him, Take the unclean robes off him, and let him be clothed in clean robes;

Zechariah 3:5  
And let them put a clean head-dress on his head. So they put a clean head-dress on his head, clothing him with clean robes: and to him he said, See, I have taken your sin away from you.

Zechariah 3:6  
And the angel of the Lord made a statement to Joshua, and said,

Zechariah 3:7  
These are the words of the Lord of armies: If you will go in my ways and keep what I have put in your care, then you will be judge over my Temple and have the care of my house, and I will give you the right to come in among those who are there.

Zechariah 3:8  
Give ear now, O Joshua, the high priest, you and your friends who are seated before you; for these are men who are a sign: for see, I will let my servant the Branch be seen.

Zechariah 3:9  
For see, the stone which I have put before Joshua; on one stone are seven eyes: see, the design cut on it will be my work, says the Lord of armies, and I will take away the sin of that land in one day.

Zechariah 3:10  
In that day, says the Lord of armies, you will be one another's guests under the vine and under the fig-tree.

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