Zechariah 2

Zechariah 2:1  
And lifting up my eyes, I saw a man with a measuring-line in his hand.

Zechariah 2:2  
And I said to him, Where are you going? And he said to me, To take the measure of Jerusalem, to see how wide and how long it is.

Zechariah 2:3  
And the angel who was talking to me went out, and another angel went out, and, meeting him,

Zechariah 2:4  
Said to him, Go quickly and say to this young man, Jerusalem will be an unwalled town, because of the great number of men and cattle in her.

Zechariah 2:5  
For I, says the Lord, will be a wall of fire round about her, and I will be the glory inside her.

Zechariah 2:6  
Ho, ho! go in flight from the land of the north, says the Lord: for I have sent you far and wide to the four winds of heaven, says the Lord.

Zechariah 2:7  
Ho! Zion, go in flight from danger, you who are living with the daughter of Babylon.

Zechariah 2:8  
For this is what the Lord of armies has said: In the way of glory he has sent me to the nations which have taken your goods: for anyone touching you is touching what is most dear to him.

Zechariah 2:9  
For at the shaking of my hand over them, their goods will be taken by those who were their servants: and you will see that the Lord of armies has sent me.

Zechariah 2:10  
Give songs of joy, O daughter of Zion: for I come, and I will make my resting-place among you, says the Lord.

Zechariah 2:11  
And a number of nations will be joined to the Lord in that day, and will become my people; and I will be living among you, and you will see that the Lord of armies has sent me to you.

Zechariah 2:12  
And Judah will be the Lord's heritage in the holy land, and Jerusalem will again be his.

Zechariah 2:13  
Let all flesh be quiet and make no sound before the Lord: for he is awake and has come from his holy resting-place.

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