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Isaiah 22

Isaiah 22:1  
The word about the valley of vision. Why have all your people gone up to the house-tops?

Isaiah 22:2  
You, who are full of loud voices, a town of outcries, given up to joy; your dead men have not been put to the sword, or come to their death in war.

Isaiah 22:3  
All your rulers...have gone in flight; all your strong ones have gone far away.

Isaiah 22:4  
For this cause I have said, Let your eyes be turned away from me in my bitter weeping; I will not be comforted for the wasting of the daughter of my people.

Isaiah 22:5  
For it is a day of trouble and of crushing down and of destruction from the Lord, the Lord of armies, in the valley of vision; ...

Isaiah 22:6  
And Elam was armed with arrows, and Aram came on horseback; and the breastplate of Kir was uncovered.

Isaiah 22:7  
And your most fertile valleys were full of war-carriages, and the horsemen took up their positions in front of the town.

Isaiah 22:8  
He took away the cover of Judah; and in that day you were looking with care at the store of arms in the house of the woods.

Isaiah 22:9  
And you saw all the broken places in the wall of the town of David: and you got together the waters of the lower pool.

Isaiah 22:10  
And you had the houses of Jerusalem numbered, pulling down the houses to make the wall stronger.

Isaiah 22:11  
And you made a place between the two walls for storing the waters of the old pool: but you gave no thought to him who had done this, and were not looking to him by whom it had been purposed long before.

Isaiah 22:12  
And in that day the Lord, the Lord of armies, was looking for weeping, and cries of sorrow, cutting off of the hair, and putting on the clothing of grief:

Isaiah 22:13  
But in place of these there was joy and delight, oxen and sheep were being made ready for food, there was feasting and drinking: men said, Now is the time for food and wine, for tomorrow death comes.

Isaiah 22:14  
And the Lord of armies said to me secretly, Truly, this sin will not be taken from you till your death, says the Lord, the Lord of armies.

Isaiah 22:15  
The Lord, the Lord of armies, says, Go to this person in authority, this Shebna, who is over the house; who has made himself a resting-place on high, cutting out a place for himself in the rock, and say,

Isaiah 22:16  
Who are you, and by what right have you made for yourself a resting-place here?

Isaiah 22:17  
See, O strong man, the Lord will send you violently away, gripping you with force,

Isaiah 22:18  
Twisting you round and round like a ball he will send you out into a wide country: there you will come to your end, and there will be the carriages of your pride, O shame of your lord's house!

Isaiah 22:19  
And I will have you forced out of your place of authority, and pulled down from your position.

Isaiah 22:20  
And in that day I will send for my servant, Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah:

Isaiah 22:21  
And I will put your robe on him, and put your band about him, and I will give your authority into his hand: and he will be a father to the men of Jerusalem, and to the family of Judah.

Isaiah 22:22  
And I will give the key of the family of David into his care; and what he keeps open will be shut by no one, and what he keeps shut no one will make open.

Isaiah 22:23  
And I will put him like a nail in a safe place; and he will be for a seat of glory to his father's family.

Isaiah 22:24  
And all the glory of his father's family will be hanging on him, all their offspring, every small vessel, even the cups and the basins.

Isaiah 22:25  
In that day, says the Lord of armies, will the nail fixed in a safe place give way; and it will be cut down, and in its fall the weight hanging on it will be cut off, for the Lord has said it.

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