Ecclesiastes 10

Ecclesiastes 10:1  
Dead flies make the oil of the perfumer give out an evil smell; more valued is a little wisdom than the great glory of the foolish.

Ecclesiastes 10:2  
The heart of the wise man goes in the right direction; but the heart of a foolish man in the wrong.

Ecclesiastes 10:3  
And when the foolish man is walking in the way, he has no sense and lets everyone see that he is foolish.

Ecclesiastes 10:4  
If the wrath of the ruler is against you, keep in your place; in him who keeps quiet even great sins may be overlooked.

Ecclesiastes 10:5  
There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, like an error which comes by chance from a ruler:

Ecclesiastes 10:6  
The foolish are placed in high positions, but men of wealth are kept low.

Ecclesiastes 10:7  
I have seen servants on horses, and rulers walking on the earth as servants.

Ecclesiastes 10:8  
He who makes a hole for others will himself go into it, and for him who makes a hole through a wall the bite of a snake will be a punishment.

Ecclesiastes 10:9  
He who gets out stones from the earth will be damaged by them, and in the cutting of wood there is danger.

Ecclesiastes 10:10  
If the iron has no edge, and he does not make it sharp, then he has to put out more strength; but wisdom makes things go well.

Ecclesiastes 10:11  
If a snake gives a bite before the word of power is said, then there is no longer any use in the word of power.

Ecclesiastes 10:12  
The words of a wise man's mouth are sweet to all, but the lips of a foolish man are his destruction.

Ecclesiastes 10:13  
The first words of his mouth are foolish, and the end of his talk is evil crime.

Ecclesiastes 10:14  
The foolish are full of words; man has no knowledge of what will be; and who is able to say what will be after him?

Ecclesiastes 10:15  
The work of the foolish will be a weariness to him, because he has no knowledge of the way to the town.

Ecclesiastes 10:16  
Unhappy is the land whose king is a boy, and whose rulers are feasting in the morning.

Ecclesiastes 10:17  
Happy is the land whose ruler is of noble birth, and whose chiefs take food at the right time, for strength and not for feasting.

Ecclesiastes 10:18  
When no work is done the roof goes in, and when the hands do nothing water comes into the house.

Ecclesiastes 10:19  
A feast is for laughing, and wine makes glad the heart; but by the one and the other money is wasted.

Ecclesiastes 10:20  
Say not a curse against the king, even in your thoughts; and even secretly say not a curse against the man of wealth; because a bird of the air will take the voice, and that which has wings will give news of it.

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