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Psalms 145

Psalms 145:1  
A Song of praise. Of David. Let me give glory to you, O God, my King; and blessing to your name for ever and ever.

Psalms 145:2  
Every day will I give you blessing, praising your name for ever and ever.

Psalms 145:3  
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; his power may never be searched out.

Psalms 145:4  
One generation after another will give praise to your great acts, and make clear the operation of your strength.

Psalms 145:5  
My thoughts will be of the honour and glory of your rule, and of the wonder of your works.

Psalms 145:6  
Men will be talking of the power and fear of your acts; I will give word of your glory.

Psalms 145:7  
Their sayings will be full of the memory of all your mercy, and they will make songs of your righteousness.

Psalms 145:8  
The Lord is full of grace and pity; not quickly angry, but great in mercy.

Psalms 145:9  
The Lord is good to all men; and his mercies are over all his works.

Psalms 145:10  
All the works of your hands give praise to you, O Lord; and your saints give you blessing.

Psalms 145:11  
Their words will be of the glory of your kingdom, and their talk of your strength;

Psalms 145:12  
So that the sons of men may have knowledge of his acts of power, and of the great glory of his kingdom.

Psalms 145:13  
Your kingdom is an eternal kingdom, and your rule is through all generations.

Psalms 145:14  
The Lord is the support of all who are crushed, and the lifter up of all who are bent down.

Psalms 145:15  
The eyes of all men are waiting for you; and you give them their food in its time.

Psalms 145:16  
By the opening of your hand, every living thing has its desire in full measure.

Psalms 145:17  
The Lord is upright in all his ways, and kind in all his works.

Psalms 145:18  
The Lord is near all those who give honour to his name; even to all who give honour to him with true hearts.

Psalms 145:19  
To his worshippers, he will give their desire; their cry comes to his ears, and he gives them salvation.

Psalms 145:20  
The Lord will keep all his worshippers from danger; but he will send destruction on all sinners.

Psalms 145:21  
My mouth will give praise to the Lord; let all flesh be blessing his holy name for ever and ever.

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