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Psalms 86

Psalms 86:1  
A Prayer. Of David. Let your ears be open to my voice, O Lord, and give me an answer; for I am poor and in need.

Psalms 86:2  
Keep my soul, for I am true to you; O my God, give salvation to your servant, whose hope is in you.

Psalms 86:3  
Have mercy on me, O Lord; for my cry goes up to you all the day.

Psalms 86:4  
Make glad the soul of your servant; for it is lifted up to you, O Lord.

Psalms 86:5  
You are good, O Lord, and full of forgiveness; your mercy is great to all who make their cry to you.

Psalms 86:6  
O Lord, give ear to my prayer; and take note of the sound of my requests.

Psalms 86:7  
In the day of my trouble I send up my cry to you; for you will give me an answer.

Psalms 86:8  
There is no god like you, O Lord; there are no works like your works.

Psalms 86:9  
Let all the nations whom you have made come and give worship to you, O Lord, giving glory to your name.

Psalms 86:10  
For you are great, and do great works of wonder; you only are God.

Psalms 86:11  
Make your way clear to me, O Lord; I will go on my way in your faith: let my heart be glad in the fear of your name.

Psalms 86:12  
I will give you praise, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will give glory to your name for ever.

Psalms 86:13  
For your mercy to me is great; you have taken my soul up from the deep places of the underworld.

Psalms 86:14  
O God, men of pride have come up against me, and the army of violent men would take my life; they have not put you before them.

Psalms 86:15  
But you, O Lord, are a God full of pity and forgiveness, slow to get angry, great in mercy and wisdom.

Psalms 86:16  
O be turned to me and have mercy on me: give your strength to your servant, and your salvation to the son of her who is your servant.

Psalms 86:17  
Give me a sign for good; so that my haters may see it and be shamed; because you, Lord, have been my help and comfort.

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