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Psalms 55

Psalms 55:1  
To the chief music-maker, on Neginoth. Maschil. Of David. Give hearing to my prayer, O God; and let not your ear be shut against my request.

Psalms 55:2  
Give thought to me, and let my prayer be answered: I have been made low in sorrow;

Psalms 55:3  
I am troubled because of the voice of the cruel ones, because of the loud cry of the evil-doers; for they put a weight of evil on me, and they are cruel in their hate for me.

Psalms 55:4  
My heart is deeply wounded, and the fear of death has come on me.

Psalms 55:5  
Fear and shaking have come over me, with deep fear I am covered.

Psalms 55:6  
And I said, If only I had wings like a dove! for then I would go in flight from here and be at rest.

Psalms 55:7  
I would go wandering far away, living in the waste land. (Selah.)

Psalms 55:8  
I would quickly take cover from the driving storm and from the violent wind.

Psalms 55:9  
Send destruction on them, O Lord, make a division of tongues among them: for I have seen fighting and violent acts in the town.

Psalms 55:10  
By day and night they go round the town, on the walls; trouble and sorrow are in the heart of it.

Psalms 55:11  
Evil is there; cruel rule and deceit are ever in the streets.

Psalms 55:12  
For it was not my hater who said evil of me; that would have been no grief to me; it was not one outside the number of my friends who made himself strong against me, or I would have kept myself from him in a secret place;

Psalms 55:13  
But it was you, my equal, my guide, my well-loved friend.

Psalms 55:14  
We had loving talk together, and went to the house of God in company.

Psalms 55:15  
Let the hand of death come on them suddenly, and let them go down living into the underworld; because evil is in their houses and in their hearts.

Psalms 55:16  
As for me, I will make my prayer to God, and he will be my saviour.

Psalms 55:17  
In the evening and in the morning and in the middle of the day I will make my prayer with sounds of grief; and my voice will come to his ears.

Psalms 55:18  
He has taken my soul away from the attack which was made against me, and given it peace; for great numbers were against me.

Psalms 55:19  
God will give thought to me; he who from early times is strong will send pain and trouble on them. (Selah.) Because they are unchanged, they have no fear of God.

Psalms 55:20  
He has put out his hand against those who were at peace with him; he has not kept his agreement.

Psalms 55:21  
The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart; his words were softer than oil, but they were sharp swords.

Psalms 55:22  
Put your cares on the Lord, and he will be your support; he will not let the upright man be moved.

Psalms 55:23  
But you, O God, will send them down into the underworld; the cruel and the false will be cut off before half their days are ended; but I will have faith in you.

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