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Psalms 50

Psalms 50:1  
A Psalm. Of Asaph. The God of gods, even the Lord, has sent out his voice, and the earth is full of fear; from the coming up of the sun to its going down.

Psalms 50:2  
From Zion, most beautiful of places, God has sent out his light.

Psalms 50:3  
Our God will come, and will not keep quiet; with fire burning before him, and storm-winds round him.

Psalms 50:4  
His voice will go out to the heavens and to the earth, for the judging of his people:

Psalms 50:5  
Let my saints come together to me; those who have made an agreement with me by offerings.

Psalms 50:6  
And let the heavens make clear his righteousness; for God himself is the judge. (Selah.)

Psalms 50:7  
Give ear, O my people, to my words; O Israel, I will be a witness against you; I am God, even your God.

Psalms 50:8  
I will not take up a cause against you because of your offerings, or because of your burned offerings, which are ever before me.

Psalms 50:9  
I will take no ox out of your house, or he-goats from your flocks;

Psalms 50:10  
For every beast of the woodland is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.

Psalms 50:11  
I see all the birds of the mountains, and the beasts of the field are mine.

Psalms 50:12  
If I had need of food, I would not give you word of it; for the earth is mine and all its wealth.

Psalms 50:13  
Am I to take the flesh of the ox for my food, or the blood of goats for my drink?

Psalms 50:14  
Make an offering of praise to God; keep the agreements which you have made with the Most High;

Psalms 50:15  
Let your voice come up to me in the day of trouble; I will be your saviour, so that you may give glory to me.

Psalms 50:16  
But to the sinner, God says, What are you doing, talking of my laws, or taking the words of my agreement in your mouth?

Psalms 50:17  
Seeing that you have no desire for my teaching, turning your back on my words.

Psalms 50:18  
When you saw a thief, you were in agreement with him, and you were joined with those who took other men's wives.

Psalms 50:19  
You have given your mouth to evil, your tongue to words of deceit.

Psalms 50:20  
You say evil of your brother; you make false statements against your mother's son.

Psalms 50:21  
These things have you done, and I said nothing; it seemed to you that I was such a one as yourself; but I will make a protest against you, and put them in order before your eyes.

Psalms 50:22  
Now keep this in mind, you who have no memory of God, for fear that you may be crushed under my hand, with no one to give you help:

Psalms 50:23  
Whoever makes an offering of praise gives glory to me; and to him who is upright in his ways I will make clear the salvation of God.

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