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Psalms 28

Psalms 28:1  
Of David. My cry goes up to you, O Lord, my Rock; do not keep back your answer from me, so that I may not become like those who go down into the underworld.

Psalms 28:2  
Give ear to the voice of my prayer, when I am crying to you, when my hands are lifted up to your holy place.

Psalms 28:3  
Do not take me away with the sinners and the workers of evil, who say words of peace to their neighbours, but evil is in their hearts.

Psalms 28:4  
Give them the right reward of their acts, and of their evil doings: give them punishment for the works of their hands, let them have their full reward.

Psalms 28:5  
Because they have no respect for the works of the Lord, or for the things which his hands have made, they will be broken down and not lifted up by him.

Psalms 28:6  
May the Lord be praised, because he has given ear to the voice of my prayer.

Psalms 28:7  
The Lord is my strength and my breastplate, my heart had faith in him and I am helped; for this cause my heart is full of rapture, and I will give him praise in my song.

Psalms 28:8  
The Lord is their strength, and a strong place of salvation for his king.

Psalms 28:9  
Be a saviour to your people, and send a blessing on your heritage: be their guide, and let them be lifted up for ever.

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