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Psalms 25

Psalms 25:1  
Of David. To you, O Lord, my soul is lifted up.

Psalms 25:2  
O my God, I have put my faith in you, let me not be shamed; let not my haters be glorying over me.

Psalms 25:3  
Let no servant of yours be put to shame; may those be shamed who are false without cause.

Psalms 25:4  
Make your steps clear to me, O Lord; give me knowledge of your ways.

Psalms 25:5  
Be my guide and teacher in the true way; for you are the God of my salvation; I am waiting for your word all the day.

Psalms 25:6  
O Lord, keep in mind your pity and your mercies; for they have been from the earliest times.

Psalms 25:7  
Do not keep in mind my sins when I was young, or my wrongdoing: let your memory of me be full of mercy, O Lord, because of your righteousness.

Psalms 25:8  
Good and upright is the Lord: so he will be the teacher of sinners in the way.

Psalms 25:9  
He will be an upright guide to the poor in spirit: he will make his way clear to them.

Psalms 25:10  
All the ways of the Lord are mercy and good faith for those who keep his agreement and his witness.

Psalms 25:11  
Because of your name, O Lord, let me have forgiveness for my sin, which is very great.

Psalms 25:12  
If a man has the fear of the Lord, the Lord will be his teacher in the way of his pleasure.

Psalms 25:13  
His soul will be full of good things, and his seed will have the earth for its heritage.

Psalms 25:14  
The secret of the Lord is with those in whose hearts is the fear of him; he will make his agreement clear to them.

Psalms 25:15  
My eyes are turned to the Lord at all times; for he will take my feet out of the net.

Psalms 25:16  
Be turned to me, and have mercy on me; for I am troubled and have no helper.

Psalms 25:17  
The troubles of my heart are increased: O take me out of my sorrows.

Psalms 25:18  
Give thought to my grief and my pain; and take away all my sins.

Psalms 25:19  
See how those who are against me are increased, for bitter is their hate of me.

Psalms 25:20  
O keep my soul, and take me out of danger: let me not be shamed, for I have put my faith in you.

Psalms 25:21  
For my clean and upright ways keep me safe, because my hope is in you.

Psalms 25:22  
Give Israel salvation, O God, out of all his troubles.

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