Job 36

Job 36:1  
And Elihu went on to say,

Job 36:2  
Give me a little more time, and I will make it clear to you; for I have still something to say for God.

Job 36:3  
I will get my knowledge from far, and I will give righteousness to my Maker.

Job 36:4  
For truly my words are not false; one who has all knowledge is talking with you.

Job 36:5  
Truly, God gives up the hard-hearted, and will not give life to the sinner.

Job 36:6  
His eyes are ever on the upright, and he gives to the crushed their right;

Job 36:7  
Lifting them up to the seat of kings, and making them safe for ever.

Job 36:8  
And if they have been prisoned in chains, and taken in cords of trouble,

Job 36:9  
Then he makes clear to them what they have done, even their evil works in which they have taken pride.

Job 36:10  
Their ear is open to his teaching, and he gives them orders so that their hearts may be turned from evil.

Job 36:11  
If they give ear to his voice, and do his word, then he gives them long life, and years full of pleasure.

Job 36:12  
But if not, they come to their end, and give up their breath without knowledge.

Job 36:13  
Those who have no fear of God keep wrath stored up in their hearts; they give no cry for help when they are made prisoners.

Job 36:14  
They come to their end while they are still young, their life is short like that of those who are used for sex purposes in the worship of their gods.

Job 36:15  
He makes the wrong done to the poor the way of their salvation, opening their ears by their trouble.

Job 36:16  

Job 36:17  

Job 36:18  

Job 36:19  

Job 36:20  

Job 36:21  
Take care not to be turned to sin, for you have taken evil for your part in place of sorrow.

Job 36:22  
Truly God is lifted up in strength; who is a ruler like him?

Job 36:23  
Who ever gave orders to him, or said to him, You have done wrong?

Job 36:24  
See that you give praise to his work, about which men make songs.

Job 36:25  
All people are looking on it; man sees it from far.

Job 36:26  
Truly, God is great, greater than all our knowledge; the number of his years may not be searched out.

Job 36:27  
For he takes up the drops from the sea; he sends them through his mist as rain,

Job 36:28  
Flowing down from the sky, and dropping on the peoples.

Job 36:29  
And who has knowledge of how the clouds are stretched out, or of the thunders of his tent?

Job 36:30  
See, he is stretching out his mist, covering the tops of the mountains with it.

Job 36:31  
For by these he gives food to the peoples, and bread in full measure.

Job 36:32  
He takes the light in his hands, sending it against the mark.

Job 36:33  
The thunder makes clear his passion, and the storm gives news of his wrath.

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