Job 21

Job 21:1  
Then Job made answer and said,

Job 21:2  
Give attention with care to my words; and let this be your comfort.

Job 21:3  
Let me say what is in my mind, and after that, go on making sport of me.

Job 21:4  
As for me, is my outcry against man? is it then to be wondered at if my spirit is troubled?

Job 21:5  
Take note of me and be full of wonder, put your hand on your mouth.

Job 21:6  
At the very thought of it my flesh is shaking with fear.

Job 21:7  
Why is life given to the evil-doers? why do they become old and strong in power?

Job 21:8  
Their children are ever with them, and their offspring before their eyes.

Job 21:9  
Their houses are free from fear, and the rod of God does not come on them.

Job 21:10  
Their ox is ready at all times to give seed; their cow gives birth, without dropping her young.

Job 21:11  
They send out their young ones like a flock, and their children have pleasure in the dance,

Job 21:12  
They make songs to the instruments of music, and are glad at the sound of the pipe.

Job 21:13  
Their days come to an end without trouble, and suddenly they go down to the underworld.

Job 21:14  
Though they said to God, Go away from us, for we have no desire for the knowledge of your ways.

Job 21:15  
What is the Ruler of all, that we may give him worship? and what profit is it to us to make prayer to him?

Job 21:16  
Truly, is not their well-being in their power? (The purpose of the evil-doers is far from me.)

Job 21:17  
How frequently is the light of the evil-doers put out, or does trouble come on them? how frequently does his wrath take them with cords?

Job 21:18  
How frequently are they as dry stems before the wind, or as grass taken away by the storm-wind?

Job 21:19  
You say, God keeps punishment stored up for his children. Let him send it on the man himself, so that he may have the punishment of it!

Job 21:20  
Let his eyes see his trouble, and let him be full of the wrath of the Ruler of all!

Job 21:21  
For what interest has he in his house after him, when the number of his months is ended?

Job 21:22  
Is anyone able to give teaching to God? for he is the judge of those who are on high.

Job 21:23  
One comes to his end in complete well-being, full of peace and quiet:

Job 21:24  
His buckets are full of milk, and there is no loss of strength in his bones.

Job 21:25  
And another comes to his end with a bitter soul, without ever tasting good.

Job 21:26  
Together they go down to the dust, and are covered by the worm.

Job 21:27  
See, I am conscious of your thoughts, and of your violent purposes against me;

Job 21:28  
For you say, Where is the house of the ruler, and where is the tent of the evil-doer?

Job 21:29  
Have you not put the question to the travellers, and do you not take note of their experience?

Job 21:30  
How the evil man goes free in the day of trouble, and has salvation in the day of wrath?

Job 21:31  
Who will make his way clear to his face? and if he has done a thing, who gives him punishment for it?

Job 21:32  
He is taken to his last resting-place, and keeps watch over it.

Job 21:33  
The earth of the valley covering his bones is sweet to him, and all men come after him, as there were unnumbered before him.

Job 21:34  
Why then do you give me comfort with words in which there is no profit, when you see that there is nothing in your answers but deceit?

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