Job 15

Job 15:1  
And Eliphaz the Temanite made answer and said,

Job 15:2  
Will a wise man make answer with knowledge of no value, or will he give birth to the east wind?

Job 15:3  
Will he make arguments with words in which is no profit, and with sayings which have no value?

Job 15:4  
Truly, you make the fear of God without effect, so that the time of quiet worship before God is made less by your outcry.

Job 15:5  
For your mouth is guided by your sin, and you have taken the tongue of the false for yourself.

Job 15:6  
It is by your mouth, even yours, that you are judged to be in the wrong, and not by me; and your lips give witness against you.

Job 15:7  
Were you the first man to come into the world? or did you come into being before the hills?

Job 15:8  
Were you present at the secret meeting of God? and have you taken all wisdom for yourself?

Job 15:9  
What knowledge have you which we have not? is there anything in your mind which is not in ours?

Job 15:10  
With us are men who are grey-haired and full of years, much older than your father.

Job 15:11  
Are the comforts of God not enough for you, and the gentle word which was said to you?

Job 15:12  
Why is your heart uncontrolled, and why are your eyes lifted up;

Job 15:13  
So that you are turning your spirit against God, and letting such words go out of your mouth?

Job 15:14  
What is man, that he may be clean? and how may the son of woman be upright?

Job 15:15  
Truly, he puts no faith in his holy ones, and the heavens are not clean in his eyes;

Job 15:16  
How much less one who is disgusting and unclean, a man who takes in evil like water!

Job 15:17  
Take note and give ear to my words; and I will say what I have seen:

Job 15:18  
(The things which wise men have got from their fathers, and have not kept secret from us;

Job 15:19  
For only to them was the land given, and no strange people were among them:)

Job 15:20  
The evil man is in pain all his days, and the number of the years stored up for the cruel is small.

Job 15:21  
A sound of fear is in his ears; in time of peace destruction will come on him:

Job 15:22  
He has no hope of coming safe out of the dark, and his fate will be the sword;

Job 15:23  
He is wandering about in search of bread, saying, Where is it? and he is certain that the day of trouble is ready for him:

Job 15:24  
He is greatly in fear of the dark day, trouble and pain overcome him:

Job 15:25  
Because his hand is stretched out against God, and his heart is lifted up against the Ruler of all,

Job 15:26  
Running against him like a man of war, covered by his thick breastplate; even like a king ready for the fight,

Job 15:27  
Because his face is covered with fat, and his body has become thick;

Job 15:28  
And he has made his resting-place in the towns which have been pulled down, in houses where no man had a right to be, whose fate was to become masses of broken walls.

Job 15:29  
He does not get wealth for himself, and is unable to keep what he has got; the heads of his grain are not bent down to the earth.

Job 15:30  
He does not come out of the dark; his branches are burned by the flame, and the wind takes away his bud.

Job 15:31  
Let him not put his hope in what is false, falling into error: for he will get deceit as his reward.

Job 15:32  
His branch is cut off before its time, and his leaf is no longer green.

Job 15:33  
He is like a vine whose grapes do not come to full growth, or an olive-tree dropping its flowers.

Job 15:34  
For the band of the evil-doers gives no fruit, and the tents of those who give wrong decisions for reward are burned with fire.

Job 15:35  
Evil has made them with child, and they give birth to trouble; and the fruit of their body is shame for themselves.

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