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Exodus 25

Exodus 25:1  
And the Lord said to Moses,

Exodus 25:2  
Say to the children of Israel that they are to make me an offering; from every man who has the impulse in his heart take an offering for me.

Exodus 25:3  
And this is the offering you are to take from them: gold and silver and brass;

Exodus 25:4  
And blue and purple and red, and the best linen, and goats' hair;

Exodus 25:5  
And sheepskins coloured red, and leather, and hard wood;

Exodus 25:6  
Oil for the light, spices for the sweet-smelling oil, sweet perfumes for burning;

Exodus 25:7  
Beryls and stones of value to be put on the ephod and on the priest's bag.

Exodus 25:8  
And let them make me a holy place, so that I may be ever present among them.

Exodus 25:9  
Make the House and everything in it from the designs which I will give you.

Exodus 25:10  
And they are to make an ark of hard wood; two and a half cubits long, and a cubit and a half wide and high.

Exodus 25:11  
It is to be plated inside and out with the best gold, with an edge of gold all round it

Exodus 25:12  
And make four rings of gold for it, to be fixed on its four feet, two rings on one side of it and two on the other.

Exodus 25:13  
And make rods of the same wood, plating them with gold.

Exodus 25:14  
And put the rods through the rings at the sides of the ark, for lifting it.

Exodus 25:15  
The rods are to be kept in the rings, and never taken out.

Exodus 25:16  
Inside the ark you are to put the record which I will give you.

Exodus 25:17  
And you are to make a cover of the best gold, two and a half cubits long and a cubit and a half wide.

Exodus 25:18  
And at the two ends of the cover you are to make two winged ones of hammered gold,

Exodus 25:19  
One at one end and one at the other; the winged ones are to be part of the cover.

Exodus 25:20  
And their wings are to be outstretched over the cover, and the winged ones are to be opposite one another, facing the cover.

Exodus 25:21  
And put the cover over the ark, and in the ark the record which I will give you.

Exodus 25:22  
And there, between the two winged ones on the cover of the ark, I will come to you, face to face, and make clear to you all the orders I have to give you for the children of Israel.

Exodus 25:23  
And you are to make a table of the same wood, two cubits long, a cubit wide and a cubit and a half high,

Exodus 25:24  
Plated with the best gold, with a gold edge all round it;

Exodus 25:25  
And make a frame all round it, as wide as a man's hand, with a gold edge to the frame.

Exodus 25:26  
And make four gold rings and put them at the four angles, on the four feet of the table;

Exodus 25:27  
The rings are to be fixed under the frame to take the rods with which the table is to be lifted.

Exodus 25:28  
Make rods of the same wood, plated with gold, for lifting the table.

Exodus 25:29  
And make the table-vessels, the spoons and the cups and the basins for liquids, all of the best gold.

Exodus 25:30  
And on the table at all times you are to keep my holy bread.

Exodus 25:31  
And you are to make a support for lights, of the best gold; its base and its pillar are to be of hammered gold; its cups, its buds, and its flowers are to be made of the same metal.

Exodus 25:32  
It is to have six branches coming out from its sides; three branches from one side and three from the other.

Exodus 25:33  
Every branch having three cups made like almond flowers, every cup with a bud and a flower, on all the branches.

Exodus 25:34  
And on the pillar, four cups like almond flowers, every one with its bud and its flower:

Exodus 25:35  
And under every two branches a bud, made with the branch, for all the six branches of it.

Exodus 25:36  
The buds and the branches are to be made of the same metal; all together one complete work of hammered gold.

Exodus 25:37  
Then you are to make its seven vessels for the lights, putting them in their place so that they give light in front of it.

Exodus 25:38  
And the instruments and trays for use with it are all to be of the best gold.

Exodus 25:39  
A talent of gold will be needed for it, with all these vessels.

Exodus 25:40  
And see that you make them from the design which you saw on the mountain.

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